The Lord’s Day @ PCLG

9:00 Sunday Morning Bible Study @ Fireplace

9:00 Choir practice @ Choir room

9:40-  Coffee Hour @ Lobby. before worship

10:00 Sunday Worship @ Sanctuary

All Generation worship

–  Young children and middle school students sit with parents in the beginning of the worship. After the time of ‘Passing the peace’, young disciples come front for a lesson, then they go to own classroom. (Parents will meet children after worship)

Children Ministry Director: Lauren Froman <>

–  High schoolers sit together in the 2nd floor, terrace, with Pastor Steve.

Youth pastor: Steve Fainer <>

11:10? After-worship Coffee Hour @ Social Hall]

11:30-12:00 Message & Reflection @ Creekside Room/ Youth Center

In the Lord’s Day, we gather around the word of God. Join us after worship to share the theme of the morning’s sermon and enjoy fellowship together. Questions? Taelor Kim (

5:00  Middle School meeting @ Youth Center

7:30 High School Meeting @ Youth Center

Questions? Steve Fainer <>

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